I continually struggle with organization issues, task lists, project lists etc. For a long time I was using Things for my project organization but there were some usability issues that annoyed me so I switched to OmniFocus and have been using that on all my devices (computer, iPad, iPhone) for slightly over a year. I like a lot of the GTD philosophy behind the program but have never really gotten myself into the mindset/habit of using either program as consistently as I probably out to. Because I haven’t been using OmniFocus much lately, even while trying to organize my studying for comprehensive exams, I had a moment of thinking that I would download and try Things again, but then I paused for a moment and realized that with the new Reminders program I can simply make a list for each project that I’m currently working on. I already use it for general tasks and a shopping list, so why not simply use the iCloud connected and built in program . . . especially if I’m not using either Things or OmniFocus to their full abilities.

So with that thought, I’ve set up several different reminder lists and have opened them up in separate windows:

Screen Shot 2012 10 28 at 11 35 31 AM

I’m not sure I’ll do any better with this system, but I don’t think I’ll do any worse. Currently I don’t have any projects that are too complex for this basic system, but is has the advantage of using the simplest tools possible to accomplish what I need, and these are tools that are built into and automatically sync between all my devices. Perhaps I will someday need a more powerful task/project management system, but until then I think I’ll try to stay with as basic a set of programs as I can.