Wherein I Read My First Full Length Story of PodCastle

It’s called The Wizard’s Apprentice, it’s written by Delia Sherman and read by moi. To tell you the truth, I’m not happy with the recording quality and production of it and was planning on re-recording it after the semester ended, but I guess I’m going to hold off on that since the author liked the reading and I should see if other people have issues. It may be that I’m just being hypercritical . . . well, actually no, it could be better and I definitely have had cleaner sounding podcasts in the past. So, we’ll see. I won’t do anything for about a month anyway.

You can hear it here.

A Wonderful Story About Books

If you love books, there are certain stories about books that will catch your heart, steal your breath, and make your head spin a bit as you hold back (or not) tears of joy.

If you love books and love stories about books, then I recommend you take some time in the next couple of days and head over to Escape Pod and listen to Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store by Robin Sloan. If you would rather read it, you can do so at the author’s website. Heck, no need to make a choice between the two, you can do both. But I have to say that Steve Eley’s reading of the story, his obvious love of story and creation, and the fact that Sloans’s story has a deep and profound meaning for Eley, brings an extra bit of frisson to the tale.

If you enjoy the story, share it with someone else because the only way stories really live is if we continually help them find new life inside new minds.

To Robin Sloan for writing this story and to EscapePod for running it, I’d simply like to say:

Thank you.