Eat That Cheese

A very interesting article about lactose intolerance today on Of particular note:

Milk itself has a lot of lactose, but aged cheeses have very little (most of the lactose is drawn away in the whey, and what’s left in the curd is fermented by bacteria and mold). Yogurt with live cultures contains bacteria that break down lactose, and therefore causes fewer symptoms. Butter and full-fat cream cheese contain almost no lactose. Lactose intolerance do’s and don’ts – Nutrition –>

Considering how many people I know who complain that they are lactose intolerant and seem to make a big deal about eating cheese, I wonder if they are perhaps doing a self-diagnosis that might, in the end, be false? And the next time someone tells you that human beings shouldn’t drink/eat dairy because we can’t process the sugars properly, ask them about their beans.

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