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Here’s looking at you kid!
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That shiny new phone you want, you don’t want bad enough yet. That system that is getting “a little slow” is not yet slow enough. Even if it is too slow for you, it is more than most of the world could ever dream of having. Seriously, use your technology until it hurts – badly. Because the pain all of this consumption is bringing to a world that is just beyond yours is immeasurable.

For the rest of the post, and links to recycling opportunities for your electronics, head on over to Minimal Mac.

I am SO printing one of these out and making a TARDIS of my own when I get around to picking up some ink for my printer
Gee, that’s a surprise. Not. And the fuckers still want us to trust them.

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I hope to someday get up to Iceland for the Aurora Borealis. Until then, I can visit these webcams
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A really great post that captures what The Empire Strikes Back means to those of us of a certain age. I was a huge fan of the Brian Daley Han Solo books as well, and this post made me want to re-read them.

Various brands that are owned by BP. In case you want to, you know, not give them any of your money.
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Gorgeous Photoblog from MSNBC

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I know, right?. It’s one of the reasons I like British television so much. Sure, there are beautiful people on the BBC, but there’s a lot more actors that look like normal, average people than on American tv. It’s quite refreshing actually.

I admit it, I’m all sorts of fanboy giddy about this!

Nature sounds we can’t usually here: cells in trees popping.. Makes you realize there’s all sorts of things going on around us that our senses aren’t equipped to detect.

Close look at the grooves on a vinyl album. Very very close. Alien landscape close. Neat

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Rooting Around in the Archives: Doctor Who

BBC has a fun page that contains a number of documents and photos reflecting the creation of Doctor Who. The following is from a report about the viewer response to the pilot:

‘Tonight’s new serial seemed to be a cross between Wells’ Time Machine and a space-age Old Curiosity Shop, with a touch of Mack Sennett comedy. It was in the grand style of the old pre-talkie films to see a dear old Police Box being hurtled through space and landing on Mars or somewhere. I almost expected to see a batch of Keystone Cops emerge on to the Martian landscape. Anyway, it was all good, clean fun and I look forward to meeting the nice Doctor’s planetary friends next Saturday, whether it be in the ninth or ninety-ninth century A.D.’wrote a retired Naval Officer speaking, it would seem, for a good many viewers in the sample who regarded this as an enjoyable piece of escapism, not to be taken too seriously, of course, but none the less entertaining and, at times, quite thrilling . . .

If you are a Doctor Who fan, new or old, I recommend checking the site out and seeing some of the elements that went into the show’s origin nearly fifty years ago.

Wow. Nearly fifty years ago: November 23, 1963. You just know that 2013 is going to be a huge year for Doctor Who in celebration of that achievement (despite the show being off the air for fifteen of those years). I loved growing up with this show and I love that it’s back and can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.

Thoughts on Christian Bale’s Tirade

Look, shit like this1 happens on sets and in rehearsals and with artists. I think the glee with which this particular meme has spread through the intertubes is because we love to see our celebrities dragged down a notch or two and what better way to do that than having evidence that said celebrity is an asshole.

I’m not saying the Bale was right or wrong here, but you know what, the man is not paid to be a nice guy, he’s paid to be a professional actor. That’s why we go to his movies. We can take a moment and feel somehow superior to him and titter on about how he was mean to someone, but really, every single one of us has been just as much of a jerk at some time in our lives.

Bale may have been the asshole here, or maybe it was the DP or maybe it was a combination of both men making mistakes in the high pressure situation of making a multi-million dollar movie. I’m sure there have been far worse situations, arguments, tirades and tantrums on thousands of sets over the years. This one is only a big deal because people are making it a big deal. My response to the whole brouhaha?

So what. Big deal.

  1. I’m not linking to the file – but if you haven’t heard about Bale’s tantrum on set, I’m sure you can find it yourself. []

Links for Edifiyin’ & Intelligensifyin’


This is an awesome archive of old films. Unfortunately they don’t allow for embedding, but check out the old time erotica, or a science fiction short from 1909 , or watch cowboys take Broadway by storm in one of John Ford’s earliest movies, or (cause you know you want to) check out some more old time erotica.


The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, Austin has a fabulous archive of Mike Wallace interviews. The level of intelligence on display and the depth of the conversation makes you really appreciate just how smart tv used to be. Some of my favorites include his interview with Frank Lloyd Wright, Salvador Dali, and the stripper Lili St. Cyr. Ex-smoker’s beware, however, he smokes the whole show through!


I have a total crush on Sarah Haskins from Current TV’s infoMania. You should go there and watch all her videos. But just to get you started, here’s her take on Disney Princesses.

You likes your Johnny Cash? You likes your Bob Dylan? Aquarium Drunkard has a terrific set of music that finds Cash & Dylan playing together. Two great tastes that taste great together.

And finally, one of my favorite authors ever has a really fun story that combines HP Lovecraft’s Cthullu mythos with the Sherlock Holmes characters . . . and the audio version, read by Gaiman himself, is FREE! I should warn you though, that once you hear Gaiman reading his own work, you are going to want to hear more. In addition to being a great writer, he is a wonderful reader of stories. I have several of his books as Audiobooks and he’s nearly spoiled me when it comes to audio fiction.