Oops – some site issues

I recently started using Markdown to write my posts and installed a script to convert Markdown to HTML on my site. However, I have discovered today that this has caused some formatting problems. If you come across a page or an entry that looks odd or funny or completely screwed up, let me know. I should have everything fixed by Monday or Tuesday night.

The Mgt.

Light Blogging Ahead

I’m doing sound design for the upcoming New Plays Festival at Brown University and we are heading into the last week before tech. Between my day job and working on the shows, I will be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks. Sadly, I missed posting a “Music You May Have Missed” entry on the first. Odds are, I won’t get to it until after the shows are up and running.

On a side note, can you believe we are almost through a full 1/4 of 2009? Someone needs to slow this shit down, yo!

Sorry, a bit punchy from spending most of my day in front of the computer.

Other brief bits and baubles:

“The Road” (Cormac McCarthy): compelling, dark, and really depressing . . . but I totally recommend it. Though you may want to find time when you can devote some quality hours, because it’s an intensely difficult book to put down.

Kings is a rather good new series. I was a bit skeptical, but the pilot was absorbing, well acted, and quite fascinating. You can watch it for free on Hulu, or well, there are all manner of ways to watch it. I haven’t seen past the pilot episode, but when I get time I look forward to seeing where they take the show.

Last night, I watched “Walker – Criterion Collection” (Alex Cox) and recommend it if you enjoy Alex Cox movies like Repo Man, Sid and Nancy, or The Revengers Tragedy. His website offers an interesting look at filmmaking on the fringes of fame and was what got me interested in getting this particular film.

Enough of that – time to do dishes and read The Road and try to get to bed at a decent hour.

Oh, one last thing:

WordPress 1.2 for the iPhone is Available

With support for page creation and editing, comment moderation, and, most useful in my opinion, landscape typing, this version is a whole lot more powerful and usable for blogging while on the road (or when you are in bed already and don’t want to get up to post an entry). While certainly not the fastest way to write an entry and not ideal for writing at length, I can definitely imagine blogging more from my phone than I could before this update. And if we get Bluetooth keyboard ability with iPhone 3.0 . . .

Be Back Shortly

New job, new apartment, getting settled and will be back soon. In the meantime, you should subscribe to the podcast “Welcome to Mars,” and listen to the 12 episodes and tell me if it doesn’t blow your mind. The show is like a subterranean history of the 50s, rife with tales of drugs, UFOs, gov’t conspiracies, movies, and occasional sex.

Committing to Flickr

The past couple of weeks I’ve tried several ways to put up a photo gallery on my site. I started off with hosting them on my site, but then realized that I would have to update those manually and they would only be available for people who visited LtL—and while the quality of my visitors is top-notch, the quantity is not what you might call “large.” Since I have been shooting a lot with my iPhone since I found the photo apps Photogene and CameraBag and can do a good bit of post-processing on the phone itself, and since I can upload straight from the phone to Facebook or Flickr, and since both of those options offer the opportunity for more people to see the pictures I want to share, I decided to look for a WordPress plugin that would display photos hosted from one of those sites.

I have settled on Slickr Gallery and am fairly pleased with how it incorporates into my site. The upshot of all this, however, is that I’m beginning to take my Flickr account more seriously. While I will continue to post the occasional picture directly to Facebook or even in individual posts here, Flickr will become the place where I host the majority of pictures that I take and want to share with others. I’m even considering upgrading to the “Pro” version, which, at $25/year is not a bad price for unlimited uploads and storing.

Check out my “Pictures” page and let me know what you think of my current solution.


This is post 500 . . . to be deep or just do a list of favorites looking back at the last 34 47 months?

Favorites it is . . .

Why We Need a Progressive Party Not More Fuzzy Liberalism.

Doctor Who

Seeing Death on the N Train

Geneva Conventions: The Drinking Game

Lars von Trier, Part 1

Blog Break

nps on the holdI’m taking a break from the blog for the month of October. I don’t have a particularly compelling reason, it was just something that came to me when I was contemplating my next entry. Considering I’m approaching 500 entries and have been maintaining LtL, with a decent amount of regularity for a personal blog, for almost three years, I figure a month off won’t kill me or lose me what few regular readers I might have.

My thanks to all of you who take the time to read my blog and I’ll have new thoughts, new ideas, and new words for you in about a month.

iPhone blogging

Writing my first entry on the iPhone in preparation of logging and blogging my upcoming trip. I don’t think I’ll use this for posts of any length, but for short notes of to post a quick snapshot or two, this will be great. Here are a couple of pics from my visit to Maine:




Of Themes & Frustrations

My current theme doesn’t load properly in IE7. Now, I don’t use IE7 and don’t recommend that anyone use IE7, but I also don’t want to have people visiting my site and seeing it look like crap just because they are using a dumb browser that isn’t standards compliant.

So I’m on the search, for either finding someone to look at the CSS and help me fix it, or for a theme that loads properly across all the browsers.

The search for the perfect theme continues . . .

New – Old Look and the Aesthetics of Blogging

Recently, I’d done a major change to the look of LtL:

Picture 1.png

And I liked it, I really did. I was proud of the background and how it integrated with the header image, and I liked the header image too – the colors really pop and provide a cold luminescence that is both bright but also gives the sense of something gritty. But after only a few days I’ve returned to a very simple and clean look because, in the end, the experience I want to offer on this site is primarily one of reading. I mean, sure, I’ve got my music and sound design pages, and I post YouTube videos on a regular basis to share neat stuff with friends, family and the few strangers who stop by, but the main purpose is to communicate thoughts, ideas, essays, stories, half-baked arguments, crazy theories, daily minutia, etc. I found the new design to be overly aggressive, distracting from the main point.

I’m glad took the time to play around with the CSS to the level that I did, and I may very well clean the theme up and post it on the WordPress themes site for others to use. I’ll probably use the background over at my Sound Design site LtL Sound. For now, at least for Living the Liminal, I’m sticking with an aesthetic that highlights the text and the entries and offers little to no distraction. I’m even going to leave the header sans image for now, until I find something I feel fits the aesthetic that I’m going for.

I want to give Ash Hague a big thanks for his simple and clean designs. I’m actually using them on both LtL and Letters to Lost Friends. I find that I tend to tweak the fonts and font sizes a bit, but other that that, his themes are simple, clean and elegant (and though rounded corners would be cool, my recent experiments with themes over at Letters showed me how tricky those can be).