Play 7 – Drinking with Caliban

Yes, I’m running at a three day deficit in this project and maybe I’ll catch up and maybe I won’t. To stress out or get anxious about meeting an artificial challenge like this would be to allow a challenge to become a burden. Will I try to catch up? Sure, but if I don’t it will be just fine.

This is the first script I’ve written for the 31 Days project without knowing what I was going to write as I opened up my script program to a blank document. I literally was staring at the blank screen without a clue as to what would emerge. Then the rocky shore came to mind and the thought: what if Miranda went back one day? To the island? This is also the first play in this series that I feel could bear significantly more expansion that what is here, though I think it is self-contained and gets to a kernel of what I wanted to explore. Perhaps. Who knows.

Drinking with Caliban.pdf

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