Writing Challenge: 250 words for 25 Days

I’ve not been writing. Not creatively at least, and certainly not regularly in a long time. Mostly because I’ve been struggling with some emotional issues that have gotten in the way of focus, creativity, and discipline. While I still have those struggles, I think it’s time to give myself a small enough challenge that I can feasibly meet it, even with diminished energy. 250 words is a really small amount of writing to do and there is no reason I can’t manage to accomplish that for the next 25 days, even if what I write is stream-of-consciousness blather, I can make 250 words.

The last time I did a series of writing challenges like this they helped get me back into the habit of writing and I always feel better when I’m am writing and creating regularly, so this is part challenge, part therapy. So, from today until August 11, I will write at least 250 creative words (story, script, poem,, monologue, etc.) each day.

On this day..