Spam & Memory

I received the following email recently:

Aren’t you the smart darling with whom we had the most thrilling picnic a couple of time ago? Remember, I was scared of swimming in the river and you assured me I’d be OK and we ended up chatting the night away? You alone then and I had an ass of a boyfriend. We stopped dating long ago and I am free now. Welcome to my online profile with thrilling pictures and contact me tonight!

What is amazing about this is that it presumes that there is a sizable contingent of people A) who had a picnic with someone some time ago but who they have not seen since, B) who urged this person not to be afraid of swimming, and C) who were single then but the unknown (and unnamed) person was dating an “ass of a boyfriend.” Ok, so that last is probably pretty common, but still, for me to fall for this I would have to have had an experience that I never had, and I can’t believe that many people have had such a specific experience. So who responds? Do people allow this to become a memory?

Have you gotten any of these spams that ask you to recall such a specific experience?

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