Moving blues

This week has been a rough one. Between the heat and moving, I’ve felt completely out of sorts, lost to myself. Like I’ve been watching my life from a distance. Unable to focus, it’s taken me much longer to start getting the new place in order and the old place cleaned up than I had hoped. Finally turned in the keys today after sweeping and mopping #907 yesterday. Something about this move has been more difficult than merely moving around the corner should have been. Maybe its just the sheer number of times I’ve done this. Maybe I’m getting a bit too old for this moving crap.

The heat has also be pretty brutal, and I’m waiting for my management company to put in my air conditioner. I requested it yesterday morning but they may not get to it until tomorrow. Hopefully today, but I’m not betting on it. Because of that, the apartment has been fairly uncomfortable and I end up not wanting to move at all while I’m there.

But today I almost feel like myself. Not quite all the way, but a bit better and can sense myself coming back. Which is a good feeling as I was starting to get worried about myself.

The past couple of days I’ve been dealing with some PodCastle work and am now caught up as much as I can be. Tonight I’ll try to get the rest of my kitchen and bedroom stuff organized and put away. Tomorrow I plan on doing some grocery shopping and maybe picking up a few things I need for the apartment (the additional bookcase and baker’s rack will have to wait a while as I need more of a cash flow before getting those, though I’ll be keeping an eye on Craigslist to see if anything decent shows up). For now, I need to leave the cool of the library to do something for lunch.

Just on the off chance you feel like buying me a housewarming gift, I would love one of these utensil holders, spoon rests, or bowls from Etsy – preferably the colored versions.

I’ll leave you with this Tiny Desk Concert from The Civil Wars for no real reason other than I’m really digging this band lately.

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