Old apartment versus new

Things I will miss most about my current apartment:

  • the view
  • living on the top floor and thus having nobody above me
  • the built-in dresser unit in my bedroom
  • the view
  • the prodigious amounts of light that we get with windows facing the north and the west
  • being high up enough that only the loudest of drunk undergrads can be heard as they walk by
  • the level of intellectual discourse I share with my roommate (this one is a bit of a cheat because he’d be leaving even if I were staying in this apartment)

Things I will enjoy about my new apartment:

  • having a full bath instead of just a shower
  • having trees outside of my windows
  • keeping the place as tidy as I want with nobody else’s mess to deal with
  • being able to put my futon against a wall instead of in the middle of the room
  • a more “cozy” feel to the place
  • I will not be dependent on other’s to renew my lease next year and will hopefully not move until I leave Pittsburgh

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