Brendan’s short movie

When I was in high school, and later at the University of Rhode Island, Brendan O’Malley was a huge figure in my life. We weren’t close friends, though we did hang out occasionally. Mostly our interactions came through drama club in high school and the theatre department at University of RI where he was consistently a much better actor than me, and someone I both looked up to and was very, very jealous of. Since I no longer consider myself an actor, I don’t mind so much that he’s much better at that then I am. Of course, then he goes and becomes a kick-ass essayist and makes my essays look like rank amateurism. But honestly, I’m just really happy we are still in sporadic, Facebook contact and that I can look at his work with sheer, unadulterated joy at watching someone I knew a long time ago make really cool things.

Oh, and he is also a musician. You can find his iTunes single here.

God Damn King Kong from Ben Barnes on Vimeo.

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