Broken – But in a Different Way

So, no, this isn’t another in a series of Ltl’s mental and emotional inventories. This is just a quick update that I fractured my distal fibula when I tripped and fell as I stepped off a curb and into a slight pothole. I spend the next three days hoping I’d just twisted it and it would get better, but the nature of the pain the the swelling finally brought me to see a doctor on yesterday. A quick x-ray and it was off to the Orthopedics department to be seen and fitted with a boot that I need to wear for the next 3 weeks (fortunately I can take it off to sleep and shower).

This has diverted much of my attention away from the first week of school, as well as being frustrating because I’d lost 5 lbs from the last time I was at the doctor’s and now I’m worried about gaining it all back since I’ll be doing considerably less exercise. But it could be much worse and I’ll just need to be more careful with my diet (which I should probably do anyway – not that I eat poorly, I just have problems with portion control).

So, that’s an update on the physical. Here, you want to see some pics? Click through. I’m not a big fan of pictures of feet so I’m not going to put them up on the main page.Sprained 1
That was when I thought it was sprained. Taken on Monday night.

This is at the doctor’s office before finding out there was a fracture on my distal fibula. (Fractured Fibula’s would be a decent band name.)

And this is the boot I’ll be wearing for the next three weeks.

On this day..