Favorite 365 Photos

I’m only 43 days into my Project 365 but I have a few favorites I thought I’d post here in case you haven’t been checking the series out:

365-014_Hazy Morning


365-028_Moon & Clouds


365-043_Stoplights in Storm

All but the first image have been altered through using the the quartz composer’s film stock effect and I like how they have an almost painterly aspect to them. Since my point & shoot camera has limited zoom, and I tend to push it to the max, often the focus on far away objects seems a bit blurry when you look at the photo full-size. Instead of fighting it, I’m trying to do some post-production that works with the images limitations to create a dramatic and interesting effect.

Let me know what you think. And constructive criticism is always welcome!

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One thought on “Favorite 365 Photos

  1. I cannot believe no one has said how good these photos are in sharing your new city. I enjoy them very much.

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