July 2011 Viewing

Super 8 – fun, loud, full of explosions and great acting from the kids; too many lens flares
Bridesmaids – fun and funny, great cast
Bleu – reminds one of why great films are great
White Noise 2 – horrible, atrocious, terribly cynical, but Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff made it necessary to watch
Withnail & I – crazy, funny, odd; fans of Richard Grant or Paul McGann should definitely check it out
Anatomy of Hell – not a horror movie, though some very disturbing scenes. ah, the french and their sexual explorations
Zombie Women of Satan – cheap, silly, not worth watching really, except Victoria Hopkins totally caught my eye and her character, Skye Brannigan was kind of cool . . . at least on a hypothetical level

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