As Simple as a Breeze

Yesterday was probably one of the most lovely days I’ve experienced in Pittsburgh since moving here nearly a year ago. Bright, but not hot, a lovely breeze that lasted the entire day instead of dying a still, sullen death in the early afternoon leaving the air to stagnate and stultify as it does most summer days. Here in my new apartment on the ninth floor, the constant breeze was delightful and made the whole apartment a pleasure to be in.

I can only imagine how frustrated I would have been in my previous place, shut up in my bedroom and running the ac simply because I couldn’t open my windows for any length of time. I don’t think I really appreciated just how important having a breeze flowing through my living space was until this past year’s experience of having to choose between open windows or the smell of cigarettes filling up my apartment. Here, now, having the windows wide open and being high enough to have no immediate obstructions blocking even the slightest of winds, I am much more appreciative and aware of how important a breeze can be.

Today is not quite as nice – though it is still one of the nicest summer days I’ve seen here. While I should probably be doing more outside, I’m also very much enjoying the fact that my apartment is beautiful and bright and breezy.1

(Not to turn everything into a fantasy about Hawaii, but on that note, one of the things I most miss about Kauai is the air: that ocean air so clean, so fresh. There is something energizing about such air, something that fills you with a kind of sustenance that is both real and yet intangible.)

On this day..

  1. I will be going for a walk shortly though, so I’m not a complete shut-in. []