Some Cool Links for the Hot Summer

If you find yourself avoiding going out or moving much because of the heat this summer, here are some links that will give you something to do and make you all smarter and betterer in the process.

First up, Minnesota Public Radio has a cool, relatively new show called Wits and their final show of the season starred Neil Gaiman and, for those who care, Josh Ritter. Call in guests included Adam Savage and Wil Wheaton. Follow this link to watch the streaming video of the show and you’ll get the chance to hear Neil Gaiman read some of his writing which is always a lovely, lovely thing to experience.

Next, a video I haven’t watched yet, but plan to: Amy Goodman hosting a debate between Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek. Get your politics and philosophy and academic groove on.

Also, if you have just joined the Doctor Who community with the return of the show in 2005, you might want to check out this History of the Doctor’s Companion in order to give yourself a sense of just how much Doctor Who existed before the new regenerations.

Finally, since I mentioned Neil Gaiman, here’s a clip of him reading the first chapter of The Graveyard Book (sorry, it’s Flash only). Can you imagine what it must of have been like to have him as a father reading you bedtime stories?

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