Of Going on Facebook Hiatus and Moving Into a New Apartment

Facebook Hiatus

I decided to take a hiatus from Facebook for a number of reasons, and so I will not be logging onto the site for the rest of the July. If you didn’t see my status about this, I just wanted to remind people that while my blog posts and Flickr updates will post automatically to my Facebook account, I will not see any of your “likes” or your comments. If you do want to contact me, please use my email address or the contact page here.

New Apartment

I have moved. And while I’m still settling in a bit, most everything is unpacked and in place. It’s a bit odd to be living with someone again, but the layout of the apartment and the general coolness of my roommate both make the transition a mostly painless one.

Here are some pictures:

New Apt: Entrance

New Apt: Living Room

New Apt: Dining Room

New Apt: Kitchen 1

New Apt: Kitchen 2

New Apt: Bedroom 1

New Apt: Bedroom 2

This is easily the nicest and biggest apartment I’ve ever lived in and I’m very happy with it. This will be a good place to live for the next few years as I get my PhD as it is walking distance to school, all utilities included, and cat friendly.

Special thanks to Ken and Kristi for their help in the actual lifting of boxes and carrying of furniture.

On this day..

3 thoughts on “Of Going on Facebook Hiatus and Moving Into a New Apartment

  1. Looks good. And happy belated birthday. I meant to swing by here yesterday, but alas, the day got away from me. HOpe it was a good day wtih many more to come…

  2. Thanks – I’m loving it (though right now the living/dining area is HOT HOT HOT). It’s huge, full of light, and generally all sorts of good.

    Plenty of room for guests if anyone ever has reason to visit Pittsburgh. 🙂

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