Letters to Lost Friends Reboot?

This morning I updated the WordPress installation on my old Letters to Lost Friends site and ended up listening to the final episode that I’d recorded in July of 2008 – nearly three years ago! It got me thinking about my life back then, about my life now, about friends, and about making things that mean something to me and, hopefully, to others. I’m proud of that podcast, even though it was so short-lived and I have to say that I’m considering starting it up again. The only thing is that I never really got many submissions and the whole point of the show was to have other people’s letters to lost friends so that it wasn’t just about me week after week.

If you’ve got some time, I’d really appreciate you listening to an episode or two and letting me know if you might have any interest in this podcast coming back to life and, more importantly, if you might be interested in submitting a letter. If I can get at least 6 submissions of “letters to lost friends” and 3 “friend of the day,” I will definitely bring the show back.

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