Crappy Apartment Strategy #23

I have set up a small little workstation in my bedroom as I only have ac in my bedroom—and I know what you are thinking: air conditioning, already!? The thing of it is that I can’t really keep windows open in my current apartment because of the smokers from the apartment building next door who sit out in the back area of their building and smoke throughout the day. I open up my living room windows when I can, but invariably I need to close them within 20-30 minutes or my apartment smells of cigarette smoke.

So today I took a small computer workstation that I bought because I can make it tall enough to work at as a standing desk (though it’s pictured in a seated configuration for now) and put it upstairs so that I can work on my writing in a cooler environment without feeling like I need to always go out to a library or coffee shop to work.

Here are a few pictures with my iPad setup:

Photo May 13, 2 17 46 PM.jpg

Photo May 13, 2 18 23 PM.jpg

Photo May 13, 2 18 41 PM.jpg

Though I could just as easily bring my MacBook Pro upstairs and work on that, I think I’m going to leave the iPad and keyboard upstairs regularly as my secondary work station. If I start working primarily from the bedroom, I might switch them.

Workstation by TechniMobile
iPad & keyboard by Apple
Writing app by Elements

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