Current Script Writing Solution for the iPad

So hi. It’s been a while. I’m not even feeling all that guilty because I’ve been, you know . . . busy with the PhD and all that. I promise I’ll write more starting in May. However, I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for writing scripts on my iPad without going through all sorts of annoying syncing issues. You’d think that at least Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter would have developed iPad Apps by now, but you’d think wrong. There are a number of solutions, but nothing that really felt like it was working for me.

Until I remembered that I recently purchased LogMeIn Ignition and that I can do this:


Yep. That’s my iPad connecting to my computer at home and using Movie Magic Screenwriter to write while I was at a coffee shop with just my iPad and my bluetooth keyboard. It’s not a perfect solution, but it was certainly responsive enough to draft nearly five pages this morning. Until Screenwriter comes out with a dedicated app that will sync easily between devices, this is definitely going to be the way I work on script when out with just the iPad.

On this day..