Ahh, the days of hair

My dad sent me this picture from some old University of Rhode Island yearbook.

Somehow, I’m not a young man any more. How’d that happen?

Oh, right. Time.

I had a huge crush on Beth Corets back then and we would occasionally and idly talk about running off to Ireland where she would bake bread and I’d write. Or something like that, I don’t really remember the details. She married the guy she met toward the end of our time at college and they have a beautiful family and we got in touch a couple of years ago through Facebook. I do hope that the next time I’m in her city I’ll be able to see her and reminisce about those old days.

I also never told her how much I liked her back then, probably just assuming that it was incredibly apparent. I wrote her a poem once. It’s not very good. In fact it’s kind of embarrassingly bad, though terribly heartfelt. I’ll post it here if I get at least 6 people to leave a comment with the name of someone they once had a crush on but never told that person.

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