The Night Dream by Archibald MacLeish – A Reading

Not sure why I had the urge to record and share some poetry, but I’m going with it.

The Night Dream, by Archibald MacLeish, read by LtL

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What’s memory? Memory’s the groove. It’s the all-stars laying down their groove, and it’s you dancing, chasing the desperations of the heart, chasing something that’s so gone, so ephemeral you know it only by its traces, how a certain plucked guitar string summons the thundering centuries, how a taste of fresh cherries calls up the indolent romancers on antebellum porches, all these stories rolling. Memory is the groove, the lie, the story you never get right, the better place. Memory is the bitch, the shame factory, the curse and the consolation. – Rick Moody, “The Albertine Notes”

365 Days of Writing


Last year, I took a picture every day for 365 days. Well, nearly so. I did miss a few, but even though I didn’t make 100%, I managed to keep the intention and the habit going for the entire year. While I didn’t want to do another Project365 immediately after ending that one (though I am positive that I will take up the challenge again in the future), I did want to create another daily habit. This time, instead of taking a picture every day, I decided to challenge myself to write every day. Not just any writing (which I’ll be doing plenty of in my PhD program), but specifically creative writing: fiction or drama. Knowing that I will be stressed and busy as I start grad school once again, I am completely aware that if I’m to rise to this challenge of being a writer, I needed to pick a goal that was achievable in even the most difficult or busy of times. 365 seemed a good minimum goal: easy enough to achieve in 20-30 minutes of time, enough so that I can feel a sense of progress through weekly word counts, but not enough to be daunting.

This was my first week in my 365 for 365 Challenge (1/52 of the way done!), and I’m pleased to report that I’ve written every day since last Monday and have a total of 3192 words written, mostly on a new horror short story. Nothing I can share with you here at this point, but I will be sharing my weekly stats as a way to, hopefully, inspire other writers who may need to see how a small amount of words, done daily, can add up to stories in less time than you might think.

I will also, occasionally, write about what this process is like for me as I get busy with academics and teaching and the ways in which I make myself meet my daily word goals.

But really, it’s also just a way for me to share my pride in myself for doing a thing that always seems impossible to do when you aren’t doing it, i.e., becoming a writer.

Links Links and Still More Links

Here’s looking at you kid!
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That shiny new phone you want, you don’t want bad enough yet. That system that is getting “a little slow” is not yet slow enough. Even if it is too slow for you, it is more than most of the world could ever dream of having. Seriously, use your technology until it hurts – badly. Because the pain all of this consumption is bringing to a world that is just beyond yours is immeasurable.

For the rest of the post, and links to recycling opportunities for your electronics, head on over to Minimal Mac.

I am SO printing one of these out and making a TARDIS of my own when I get around to picking up some ink for my printer
Gee, that’s a surprise. Not. And the fuckers still want us to trust them.