One Page Closer to the New Chapter

Today was my last day as a temp for the foreseeable future. Over the next two weeks, I’m getting ready for my move to Pittsburgh and then, once there, I will probably just lay low before school starts, put together the syllabus for my Intro to Performance class (the first time I’m teaching performance, so both excited and a bit intimidated by that), and maybe try to find a few clients interested in public speaking lessons. I hope to make today the last time I find myself working a temp job just to make ends meet and that from now on, I will be able to support myself through a combination of academic work, writing, teaching, podcast production, directing, sound designing, tutoring, and/or other creative/educational means. I deserve to do work that is fulfilling. Even if the individual tasks might be less than fulfilling: grading papers anyone? To that end I’m going to try to be more proactive in the future and not let myself get sucked into the easy, but ultimately stifling (for me) world of temping and general office work.

14 days until I start my move.

On this day..