My Moves

I’ve moved.

A lot.

Below is the list of every time I’ve moved to a new town or city over the course of my life as far as I can recall without looking up old journals or asking family. I really, really hope to slow down my moving pace and have high hopes that I will be able to stay in my new place for at least the 4-5 years I expect to take on my PhD.

08/01/2010, Wilkinsburg Pittsburgh, PA.
12/15/2008, Providence, RI.
10/01/2008, Wakefield, RI.
08/01/2008, Las Cruces, NM.
08/15/2005, Brooklyn, NY.
08/15/2004, Richmond, VA.
08/01/2003, Beltsville, MD.
01/01/2003, College Park, MD.
08/01/2001, New Carrollton, MD.
1997, Providence, RI.
1996, Wakefield, RI.
1994, Berkeley, CA.
1994, Pomona, CA.
1993, Providence, RI.
1993, West Lafayette, IN.
1992, Salt Lake City, UT.
1990, Wakefield, RI.
1989, Kingston, RI.
1983, Wakefield, RI.
1982, Charlestown, RI.
1978, Beltsville, MD.
1976, Orono, ME.
1971, Wells, ME.
1970, York, ME.

Average = 1.67 years in one place.

Longest = Wakefield RI from the time I was 13 to 19.

Shortest = Las Cruces, NM. Maybe, if the Spaceport had been up and running and providing jobs at the time, I might have stayed longer. But it wasn’t and I didn’t.

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