My New Blog

As I mentioned recently, I am starting a new blog that will focus on my time and work as a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. I am pleased to announced that it is up and running at Over the next few weeks I will probably make adjustments to the look of the site as I tweak it here and there, but the first post is posted and I’m excited by the prospect of having a slightly more focused blog that will serve as both a place for me to reflect on my journey over the next several years, as well as a place to share what I learn along the way. Posts will be few and far between until the beginning to school, but I will be posting various items that have to do with preparing for both school and the move to Pittsburgh. When school starts, I hope to post regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

But you few, you fearless readers of Living the Liminal should fear not! I will be keeping this space for non-PhD related topics and will never forsake you. Never ever ever!

So if following two blogs isn’t a chore, or if you are genuinely interested in following me as I go from getting into a program of my choice to completing my dissertation and getting my doctorate, I hope you will drop by and check out the new digs at

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