Thoughts I’ve Been Thinking

If you believe in freedom and liberty, then you support gay marriage, right?

Why do hospitals and medical offices–places where people are all ready feeling unwell or stressed or angry or sad or scared–insist on setting their tvs to the most divisive, emotionally charged, angry, vituperative channel? FOX can’t be good for anyone’s blood pressure.

Lost works better at the speed of Netflix. By which I mean that falling into the narrative like you might a fever dream that is intense but never goes anywhere can be an enjoyable experience. Watching several episodes a day for weeks on end and you end up sinking into the show in ways that an episode each week just doesn’t accomplish for me. 42 minutes every seven days leaves me way too much time to realize just how bad the writing is and how uninteresting most of the characters are and why I stopped watching halfway through the second season four years ago. This fall, when I watched five seasons in a little over a month, made me excited for the final season. So far I’ve been bored and disappointed.

Also, can somebody write a fraking show that deals with free will and personal responsibility instead of fate, destiny, and all other ethical dodges that deny individual agency? And yes, I’m looking at you Lost, but also at you too Battlestar Galactica.

I honestly don’t understand why people care about the Oscars. Or any televised awards show for that matter.

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