This Liminal Life for February 2010

For those who might want to be caught up on my liminal status:


I am currently temping at the Rhode Island Hospital where I’m covering for the secretary/admin assistant for six doctors in the Pediatric Critical Care department. The hours are 8:00 – 4:30. I’m mostly taking the bus these days, though I have walked the 2.4 miles a couple of times and would do so more often if the weather was warmer. The job will last until the middle of April for a total of 10 weeks and is paying decently at $17/hour. Of course, I need to get caught up on bills and such and can’t let this income go to me head or get very frivolous with my money. Still, it’s so nice to be able to depend on a check coming in every week.


I recently helped with some sound for the Brown University Writing is Live program, providing assistance to the show Encyclopedia by Rachel Jendrzejewski and directed by Shana Gozansky. I would love to work with either of them again in the future.

PhD Applications

I applied to Brown, Cornell, UC Davis, University of Pittsburgh, University of Hawaii, and University of Colorado, Boulder. I don’t want to say too much about what’s going on with my applications, but I do want to share that UC Davis has reached out to me and I have spoken to two of their faculty members about my work and how I see myself fitting into their department (and they certainly wouldn’t take the time to talk if they weren’t seriously interested, even though there is still no guarantee that they will make me an offer), and another of the departments has nominated me for a quite prestigious fellowship, which is both exciting and humbling and makes me happy to know that they value my work as a thinker, student, and scholar enough to put me forward for such an honor. I haven’t heard anything yet from the others, so there are still a lot of variables that are, as yet, unsolvable, but I expect to begin hearing within the next 3 – 4 weeks.


I started a 30 day challenge, but broke it (the first time I’ve done so since I started putting these challenges to myself last July). I haven’t started a new one, even though I’ve been trying to write. I’m not quite writing every day but am managing around 4 days per week. Mostly short story or writing exercise stuff, however, I do want to get back to a play that I’ve been working on called Angel Dust, Rust, and Respite and plan to start more work on that next week. Oh, and I gave an artist friend the first part of the script and she used it as inspiration to create a really cool piece of visual art. I haven’t worked on my novel in quite a while, though will probably try to finish the play first before going back to Devious Astrolabe. Although, I’ve also just found out that Big Finish, the company that produces audio plays and books based on the classic Doctors of Doctor Who, has an open call for short stories and I definitely plan on writing something for that. (For my previous attempt at a Doctor Who story for Big Finish, go here.)


I am currently writing a series of songs (not quite a musical) that create a fictional origin story of the Blood from a Turnip program at Perishable Theatre. For those of you who don’t know, Blood from a Turnip is a late night puppet salon that blows away what you think you know about puppetry. Always entertaining, sometimes hysterical, occasionally deeply moving, BfaT happens every two months and generally includes musical interludes. This past fall, after attending a show, I decided that it would be fun to give the program an origin story and so I’m five songs into a seven song cycle that will explain just how BfaT came about. There’s love, puppets, tragedy, and magic curses involved. I hope to put up some demos within the next two or three weeks and the show, Paradise Falls: the Legend of Steve will be performed at the final BfaT of the season in May. Keep an eye out for more information here or at the Perishable website.

That’s about it for this update. Overall, things are going well and I’m content with my current situation and excited for the future.

Be well.

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