Now What Kind of Pies?

It’s a been a dark and stormy day here in Providence with a few ups and downs. I was primed for an interview through my temp agency, Randstad, at Hasbro but that fell through when Hasbro decided to just go with the first person they’d interviewed. That was a bummer because I could really really really have used the job. Wednesday I’m going to sign up with OfficeTeam and hopefully they will have some better luck than I’ve had for the past couple of months.

One the good side of things, I found out that I will be getting paid for producing Podcastle, and that they will pay me from when I started back in December. It’s not a lot of money, but will be a big help this coming month as rent comes due and I don’t have any job lined up yet.

I’ve stayed busy today and will be doing some writing later, and it seems that the storm is abating somewhat. I plan on getting a few more things done before making dinner and maybe watching a movie with my flatmate. Hope your day is going well and I wanted to share this great old footage I found on Youtube of a young Tom Waits: