Five Years

For just over five years, I’ve been writing and posting thoughts on the internet. For a short time I used’s blogging software, then turned to, and relatively soon after that, I decided to by my own domain and use WordPress to run this site. Since starting this blog I have posted 680 entries, moved web hosting servers once, lived in three different states (not counting my 2 months in New Mexico), been in two different graduate programs, have gone through two iPods, one IBM Thinkpad R31, one Emachine tower, one iMac and am currently writing this on my 2.5 year old Macbook Pro, which is running my third OS X operating system. I’ve completed several short stories, ten short plays, been published in one academic journal, presented at two academic conferences, and started one novel. I’ve done sound design for seven plays. I’ve probably gained something like fifteen pounds and am disturbingly close to forty. I am producing one podcast and may soon be producing a second podcast. I have quit smoking, developed a taste for expensive single malt scotch, become a fan of The National, The Mountain Goats, Bat for Lashes, Tim Minchin, and Sarah Haskins. I’ve seen the rebirth of Doctor Who as a program and two regenerations of the character and have read probably something close to 240 books.

So . . . in honor of five years, the always inimitable David Bowie:

On this day..

One thought on “Five Years

  1. You have been a busy guy. Forty is a freight train comin’ though 2.20.10 for me. Like you, scotch is great, and I am developing a similar love of bourbon.

    John Young

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