Sometimes you just don’t see until you look

I took this photograph while at my grandparent’s house the day after Christmas:

365-171_Window at Grandparent's House

I didn’t really think much about it. Was just snapping some photos and I have a thing for windows. But today when I say down to post my Project 365 photos, I really fell in love with the composition of the picture. Somehow the balance of the shapes just really makes me happy and I get just the barest sense of melancholy that, like a hint of chili powder in your brownies, makes the sweet all the better.

I thought to myself that if I hadn’t needed to find a picture for my project, if I hadn’t gotten into the habit of taking pictures on a daily basis, if I hadn’t been aesthetically unhappy with some of my other photos of the day . . . I wouldn’t have actually taken the time to look; to actually look enough to see.

Even with taking pictures on a daily basis since July, I still often forget to look enough to see, to listen enough to hear, to eat with enough deliberation to really taste. Maybe this picture will help remind me when I forget to pay sufficient attention to the here, the now, and the joys that are all around me.

On this day..

5 thoughts on “Sometimes you just don’t see until you look

  1. I’m really diggin’ your pics! This one is really nice (not my fav, but really nice). You are inspiring me to give it a try…I don’t know if I’m dedicated enough, though.

    Why don’t you put your pics on your own site?

  2. Thanks. I don’t think this is my favorite either, but feel it has a certain something that I didn’t expect when I took it.

    I use Flickr because it makes the exercise at least a partly social event – which helps keep me invested in making sure I keep up and post regularly. Plus, on the egotistical side, a lot more people see my photos on Flickr than read this blog.

    I’ll be honest, if I didn’t have a camera in my phone, I think the whole project would be harder. But having a camera with me everywhere means that even if I get stuck I can take a picture of something. It also helps that I have a good view of Providence from my apartment windows when I get stuck for a photo.

  3. Peter: this is an excellent image. I think you have quite a good eye and in your photos are a great number of superb images. I loved the shots on the CDs you gave Mom and me for Christmas. We’re off to SC tomorrow. Keep on clicking.

  4. I didn’t know about that . . . thanks. Interesting what captures people’s imagination, isn’t it. Sometimes simple can be remarkably powerful.

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