400 Words/40 Days Challenge: Conclusion


So Friday, November 6 saw the conclusion of my 40 days challenge and my totals were, I think, respectable: 24903 words written in total with a daily average of 621. In the 116 days since I started my first 25 day challenge, I’ve written on 95 of those days with a total 47532 words written. While these challenges may seem artificial, I can definitively state that they work for me. As a way to get myself focused and working, these short term, low word count challenges add up to doing what it is that makes a writer and what it is that makes a writer get better: writing.

At this point, I’ve decided to not go into another writing challenge for myself as I am going to start focusing more on my PhD applications for the next couple of months and will take some time to go over what I accomplished since July 13 and do some editing and work on second, third, and forth drafts of short stories so I can start submitting my work.

If you end up challenging yourself using some of the strategies I’ve developed for myself, I would really appreciate you leaving a comment and letting me know how it went.

Good writing to you!