Music You May Have Missed – Gogol Bordello

Take one part Punk, one part Gypsy music, and three parts lunatic lead singer, garnish with an insane amount of energy and a love of sex, drugs, and rock & roll and you will have something close to the Gogol Bordello experience.

I’ve been sitting on this post for a number of days, hoping to come up with something interesting to say about this band, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t have a strong emotional connection to them, or any pithy thoughts about their music. Simply, this is a kick-ass band with a kick-ass attitude and you should check them out.

Wanderlust King

Not a Crime

Supertheory of Supereverything

60 Revolutions


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One thought on “Music You May Have Missed – Gogol Bordello

  1. good stuff!

    you should check out zydepunks..I think you would dig…it’s punk, gypsy with a little slav and zydeco thrown in the mix 😉

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