Zombie Watch! Part 7

Zombieland is a fun romp of a movie and I enjoyed watching it.

That said, my standard line to people when they’ve asked how it was is to say, “It was fun. No Shaun of the Dead but fun nonetheless.” Whereas I could watch Shaun of the Dead time and time again, Zombieland will probably max out after my second viewing sometime down the road. In fact, I don’t have much to say about the movie except that the bit in the middle was a huge surprise and very funny. I did laugh out loud any number of times, as well a groan loudly at some of the more macabre humor gags. The actors were blandly charming: you enjoy watching them, but they won’t stick with you as compelling characters. The action sequences were a good blend of action and humor and while there was no real horror element to the film, it didn’t really need it.

If you are a fan of comedic action movies and don’t mind a bit of intestine eating along the way, or if you are a zombie fan who expects some intestine eating with any decent movie, I recommend it.

But, you know, it’s no Shaun of the Dead.

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