Zombie Watch! Part 6

Ah Netflix Watch Instantly how I love thee! Last night I was in the mood to watch something but nothing very long or that required much attention. Netflix to the rescue with Zombiemania: a light and frothy look at the surge in popularity of zombies in the recent years. If you’ve invested any amount of time in the current zombiemania, you won’t learn a lot from this movie, but you will enjoy some of the interviews with George Romero and Max Brooks and others. The tone of the movie is silly and fun. I do wish they’d spent a bit more time on Shaun of the Dead and The Walking Dead, and the filmmakers could have gone a bit more in depth on the zombie walks and other fan activities, but for a fun treat, I would recommend checking it out.

I’m planning on seeing Zombieland tonight, so will have a review up this weekend.

Oh, and happy Halloween!

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