Writing Update for July 19


Last Monday I started my “250 Words for 25 Days” challenge and have made it through my first week of writing fiction each and every day. I’ve been working on my humorous science fiction story “The Devious Astrolabe,” the title of which was suggested by Joya and you can actually read the unedited first section [here][2]. Bear in mind that what you are reading is a very, very rough version with most of it being written at work. I originally thought this story would be more of a writing exercise than a full-fledge story, but the more I worked on it, the more I liked the universe and the characters and the more I wanted to give this story its due. This week, I’ve been doing some background sections that flesh out the universe a bit and while I’m not sure exactly they will fit into the main narrative flow of the story, I’ve had fun writing them. At this point, I’m not even exactly sure where I’m going with the story. I do have a clear understanding of what a devious astrolabe actually is and how it fits in with the story and main character, but for now I’m spinning a yarn as I go and enjoying myself. I know there will be lots and lots of rewrites to make but for some reason I am finding myself letting go of the desire to have written a great story and letting myself enjoy the process of exploring words and ideas and images and characters.

I have continually written more than 250 words, averaging 366 with my highest word count coming in at 514 and my lowest at 307. My total words written for the week is 2563.

Overall, a decent week for me as a writer and I feel good about it.

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