5 Year Goals – Revisited

Over two years ago, I wrote out a list of 20 accomplishments I wanted to achieve within the next five years. Let’s revisit them, shall we . . .

Attend Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop
Start my own business & make at least 1/2 my necessary income from that business
Write 2 novels
Finish my play Massive Gravitational Objects
Write the Tales of the Frumush play cycle
Publish my Living Theatre article
Sell 1 short story
Become more politically active by actively working for at least 1 political campaign and on behalf of at least 1 specific bill
Record a cd and release it on CD Baby
Design sound for at least 10 plays
(While I can’t cross this off, I am pretty damn close, having done sound design for 8 shows already)
Write 1 screenplay
Read Proust’s In Search of Lost Time
Learn how to play the piano
Visit Truth or Consequences, NM
Visit Jen in Arizona
Visit Jeff in Texas
Go deep-sea fishing
Learn CSS and design at least 2 websites for other people
Read Das Kapital by Marx & Engels
Figure out where I might want to settle down

On first glance, I haven’t done very well, and certainly the 2 novels goal is looking ambitious-on-the-borderline-of-impossible. However, I am writing more and have been actively submitting stories and plan on getting at least one novel done this year by participating in NaNoWriMo so I still think I can achieve these writing goals in the next 2.75 years. I may delete the Tales of the Frumush play cycle because I’m not currently interested in that project and I realize, looking back on this list, that things such as finishing a specific play don’t make good long term, over-arching goals because of their specificity. Also, none of these goals have anything to do with my physical health and well-being.

So over the next week or so, I’m going to revise this list somewhat and repost it (still keeping to March, 2012 as the 5 year marker).

How about you, how are your long term goals coming along?

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