3 thoughts on “This Ain’t Your Father’s Jazz Arrangement

  1. You don’t find it a little… frightening? Not the music. The music is impressive, but I find his facial expressions off-putting to the point of being disturbing.

    • Yeah – I did find his facial expressions off-putting and in general a little too “look at me I’m showing intense motion,” but the music was so incredible that I was able to get past that. I get what you’re saying though.

  2. I remember reading a “Life in Hell” comic years ago. It was about Jeff & Akbar’s coffee shop and what was going on. One of the weekly events was a band called Atonal Hootenanny.
    I do like lots of music, but free form/acid/improv jazz just always rubs me the wrong way. The parts where there is a melody are nice, but I feel like it gets overwrought by they banging away (not to mention the seemingly forced facial expressions).

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