Big World, Big Dreams, Small Me

This is my current desktop background:

TBWDTW.jpg.jpeg I tend to change my desktop backgrounds on my computer along with my moods and this image perfectly captures the feeling of being a small boy in a big world. A feeling I’ve been having a lot lately, despite nearing the last year of my 30s. Looking at this image, I imagine I am behind this boy as he stands, overwhelmed the the immensity of both the journey ahead and his own audacity, and I whisper to him:

Pause. Breathe. Take it all in and just keep going forward, one step at a time.
Try to smile.
If you need to rest, then do so and allow yourself the knowledge that just because you are unable to run full tilt toward some imagined destiny, you are not failing. Destinies change, shift like mirages in the desert, so pay attention to the now, to the here, to the moment.
When you hurt, smile and be as kind to yourself as you are to others.
When you need to cry, don’t hide from those who love you.
Make the journey a work of art.
Everything is art if you appreciate it as such.
Pause. Breathe. Smile. Make something.

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