Push Ups

I am about to start my 3rd week in a training program called “One Hundred Push Ups.” I started off doing 15 push ups in a row and yesterday I did my first exhaustion test and reached 30. Looking at the next week’s goals is a little intimidating. Tomorrow I need to do the following sets:

14 / 18 / 14 / 14 / Max (at least 20)

What works about this program is the gradual increase of reps within the sets and, more importantly, getting someone not used to doing a lot of weight training to think in reps and sets. Moreover, I can definitely feel these workouts after each one. These won’t do much to help me lose weight, but I like the feeling of getting stronger and hope to take the commitment and discipline I’m practicing and add it to some other workouts in the near future. In addition to the push ups, I’m planning on doing the “200 Sit Ups” program” that is offered through the same site, and possible the “200 Squats” program” as well. As those continue, I will try to add some more aerobic exercise to my regimen, and will probably start off with “Couch to 5k” program.” Will let you know how that goes.

Anyone else starting some new workouts now that the weather is warmer and spring is upon us?

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