Actions Speak Louder Than Words

From Glenn Greenwald:

Ultimately, though, motives don’t matter.  Simply put, there is no excuse, justification or mitigation for advocating blatantly unconstitutional and tyrannical powers or claiming that secrecy shields the President from the rule of law.  Nor is the faith-based belief that Obama is a Good Person who therefore deserves trust even remotely rational or relevant.  As Professor Turley put it on Countdown:  “It doesn‘t matter if you are a good person doing bad things. You are doing bad things.”  These secrecy and detention powers are among the most dangerous and tyrannical powers a President can seize, and Obama’s attempt to cling to them is deplorable no matter his “motives.” (Link)

Nobody to blame but ourselves if we continue to allow the office of the President to gain power and allow our leaders to be above the law. This was as true of Bush as it is true of Obama.

Click through, read Greenwald’s piece, and contact your representatives and let them know you will hold them personally accountable if Congress continues to let un-Consititutional and illegal powers go into the hands of the President.

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