A Gnat’s Ass

From Devilstower:

Hoarding weapons because the outcome of an election didn’t go your way doesn’t make you tough. It only proves that your belief in America is no bigger than a gnat’s ass. That your faith in democracy is as transient as a mud puddle on a hot day. That your love for country goes about as far as you could throw your lifetime supply of AK-47 ammo. (Link)

From Hunter:

Fox treats both news and government as if it’s one of those daytime talk shows where the only goal is to get a bunch of no-good, paranoid morons together and then piss them all off until someone throws a chair. (Link)

Both of these are worth a read. Especially as the fever-pitch of paranoia, hatred, and violence spewed by the likes of Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh is not going down any time soon.

I love the selective process of responsibility with these wingnut, violence spouting ideologues (and by “love” I mean find exceedingly irritating). Video games and rap music are bad for people, but a barrage of misinformation and lies about how the government is getting ready to throw conservatives into gulags is totally innocent and could never have any real effect on people. (Then why spout the crap in the first place?)

The hypocrisy of the Becks, Limbaughs and O’Reillys would be unbelievable if they were characters in a play or a movie. Of course, the moment anyone criticizes them, they whine and cry and raise the bogeyman of censorship, even when (especially when) nobody is urging censorship. Rather, most of us are urging these men to take responsibility for their words and their actions. If Beck really and truly believes that we are heading toward a totalitarian state and that we should start forming militias and fighting back, they why won’t he take responsibility for that message?

Of course, asking that Beck and Co. take responsibility for the bile they spew is like asking an infant to potty-train himself while doing differential calculus.

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