Shufflin’ Monday – When 2 Parts of Tupelo Come Together

Songs I listened to in the car today:

“The Sorcerer” – Miles Davis

“Point Me at the Sky” – Pink Floyd

“Coalminers” – Uncle Tupelo

“No Matter Where You Go, There You Are” – Luka Bloom

“Man on the Moon” – R.E.M.

“Seance on a Wet Afternoon” – John Barry

“Scratched by the Briar” – Clogs

“Michagan” – Red House Painters

No music video to go along with this list, but I did find the following clip of Jeff Tweedy talking about bumping into his old bandmate Jay Farrar from Uncle Tupelo. Probably not all that interesting unless you are an Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, or Son Volt fan.

On this day..