Great Links of Fire!

Auguste points out why those of the reactionary, conservative, and wingnut variety are so terrified of offering a fair and even playing field to the American people.

If you could play Scrabble on your iPhone with friends using Facebook, would you? Or are we reaching a point of digital saturation in our lives?

Way to go Vermont. Keep up the good work. (via Pandagon)

The CNN article states that “Nationwide, the issue of same-sex marriage remains highly divisive.” Giving poll numbers that indicate 53% of American’s are opposed to it. I’d be interested to know what the poll numbers were in Massachusetts and Connecticut before same-sex marriage was legal and after. Is there a shift in people’s perspective after seeing that same-sex marriage hasn’t had a negative impact? I also find it interesting that states in New England, with the history of Puritanism in the region, are leading the nation in doing what is socially right and just.

Academic Earth: a digital archive of educational lectures. Fer makin’ yous more smartter. Seriously though, how awesome is this!

Wow. Just wow. These are the coolest photographs of waves I’ve ever seen. (via BoingBoing)

For iPhone users a super-cheap iPhone stand that fits in a wallet.

I could have told them that! (Not, you know, with any scientific evidence or anything.)

And speaking of the brain . . .

Do you need free stock photography for a project? (via Lifehacker)

Jesse makes a good point.

Good advice (via BoingBoing)

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