Jackson Lewis and the Republicans are Lying

If you have any doubt that Corporations can’t be trusted, look at how they are fighting against the Employee Free Choice Act: pouring millions and millions of money into a campaign of disinformation and outright lies. The fact is that:

the Employee Free Choice Act does not eliminate any method by which workers can elect to join a union. The two current forms — majority sign-up and scheduled NLRB election — will continue to exist. The Employee Free Choice Act simply gives workers, rather than employers, the choice which to use. (From Daily Kos: “Secret Ballot”? Or Opportunity for Intimidation?)

Of course, Jackson Lewis, the company that is all about strategies for preventing unionization (because that’s worked out so darn well for us here in America hasn’t it), has a big banner add on their site saying that the EFCA would prevent secret ballots, when the EFCA would not prevent secret ballots damn it and would, instead, let the employees make their own choice as to how they go about voting on unionization.

Labor law in this country has been gutted over the last several decades and look at where it’s gotten us as a nation. We need stronger unions not weaker ones if we want to become a country that is built around the notion of fair pay for honest work instead of a country enamored with the quick fix and the easy buck. Our companies need to pay living wages and take care of their employees if we want to create a better life for the next generation. The EFCA won’t fix everything that is wrong with labor, but it will offer employee’s more opportunity to organize and choose for themselves.

If you would like to contact Jackson Lewis and ask why they are lying to people about the EFCA, you can email them at efcainfo@jacksonlewis.com or call them at 1.866.300.5805

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