Not Attending Brown University This Fall

On Friday, I was notified that Brown University did not accept my application to the Ph.D. program in Theatre and Performance Studies. By email. At a temp job that is boring and using about .0005 percent of my brain. Needless to say, this weekend has been a difficult one as I’ve gone through various waves of sadness, dissapointment, anger, self-doubt, hope that I can turn this rejection into a positive, frustration, rueful awareness of the irony in the situation, and one or two moments of existential angst.

At least the weather was nice.

I had planned to write a long, detailed account of how I feel and what my plans are now and how I’m going to turn this rejection into opportunity. But I’m tired and the draft that I have been working on for the last 40 minutes is uninteresting and scattered, so I’m simply going to leave you with a quote from the latest book I’ve read by Jonathan Carroll:

Everything you want in life has teeth.

Ain’t that the truth.

On this day..