Thoughts on Christian Bale’s Tirade

Look, shit like this1 happens on sets and in rehearsals and with artists. I think the glee with which this particular meme has spread through the intertubes is because we love to see our celebrities dragged down a notch or two and what better way to do that than having evidence that said celebrity is an asshole.

I’m not saying the Bale was right or wrong here, but you know what, the man is not paid to be a nice guy, he’s paid to be a professional actor. That’s why we go to his movies. We can take a moment and feel somehow superior to him and titter on about how he was mean to someone, but really, every single one of us has been just as much of a jerk at some time in our lives.

Bale may have been the asshole here, or maybe it was the DP or maybe it was a combination of both men making mistakes in the high pressure situation of making a multi-million dollar movie. I’m sure there have been far worse situations, arguments, tirades and tantrums on thousands of sets over the years. This one is only a big deal because people are making it a big deal. My response to the whole brouhaha?

So what. Big deal.

On this day..

  1. I’m not linking to the file – but if you haven’t heard about Bale’s tantrum on set, I’m sure you can find it yourself. []