Maybe Steve Jobs Was Right

For over a year, I’ve bemoaned the fact that Apple’s iWork suite doesn’t perform auto-saves considering that nearly every other office suite or stand-alone word processing program offers this feature. Maybe I was wrong and Steve Jobs was right. I’ve been working with Office 2007 at my temp job to put together reports that combine text and a significant number of images. And every so often, as I’m working, the program stops responding while it creates an automatic back-up and I wait for the back-up to finish. The wait isn’t long, mind you, but enough to stop my work flow and annoy the heck out of me. So I’m reconsidering my stance on the whole auto-save situation. In the end, I think I still wish iWork offered the option and, instead of timed back-ups, performed them whenever there was no activity happening in the document (I think that’s how Scrivener and some other programs handle the process). However, I can sort of see the logic of not including this feature in iWork. I still think its a flawed logic, but I will probably complain less about the lack of auto-save than before.

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