Committing to Flickr

The past couple of weeks I’ve tried several ways to put up a photo gallery on my site. I started off with hosting them on my site, but then realized that I would have to update those manually and they would only be available for people who visited LtL—and while the quality of my visitors is top-notch, the quantity is not what you might call “large.” Since I have been shooting a lot with my iPhone since I found the photo apps Photogene and CameraBag and can do a good bit of post-processing on the phone itself, and since I can upload straight from the phone to Facebook or Flickr, and since both of those options offer the opportunity for more people to see the pictures I want to share, I decided to look for a WordPress plugin that would display photos hosted from one of those sites.

I have settled on Slickr Gallery and am fairly pleased with how it incorporates into my site. The upshot of all this, however, is that I’m beginning to take my Flickr account more seriously. While I will continue to post the occasional picture directly to Facebook or even in individual posts here, Flickr will become the place where I host the majority of pictures that I take and want to share with others. I’m even considering upgrading to the “Pro” version, which, at $25/year is not a bad price for unlimited uploads and storing.

Check out my “Pictures” page and let me know what you think of my current solution.

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