A Small Rant

When in the world did I become “Pete” to any number of people? Yes there have always been a few people who called me that, mostly my brother, my father and Jon R., but lately it seems that everyone I know from high school and have been reconnecting with since I got on Facebook and moved back to RI have taken to referring to me as “Pete.”

I was never, and will never be a “Pete.” There is no way that I would have let that stand in when I was younger (i.e. a pretentious and annoying teenager), so I’m trying to wrack my brains for an explanation as to why people that I haven’t seen for 20 years have begun using this particular nomenclature for me.

So let’s be clear here: my name is Peter.

Not Pete.



2 thoughts on “A Small Rant

  1. That would be a safe assumption. 🙂 Although one person gets to call me “Petey-G” whenever she wants . . . well, whenever she wants as long as it’s not in public.

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