One Depressing Link and Three Good Videos

First up, the depressing news that America, land of the free and home of the brave, ranks 36th among nations for the freedom of the press:

The United States is ranked 36th in the world in terms of press freedom, up from 48th last year, according to a report released Wednesday by Reporters Sans Frontieres. The US is tied with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, South Africa, Spain, and Taiwan in the 36th spot. Iceland, Luxembourg, and Norway are tied for first. Iran, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea are all featured among the ten lowest-ranked countries. [From United States Ranked 36th In The World For Press Freedom]

Now, the good news is that we have moved up in our ranking from 48 last year. Still, the fact that we aren’t even in the top ten is disconcerting.


On an entirely different note, check out this Tuvan Throat Singing Hip-Hop song video from Ralph Leighton. If you like, check out the Boing Boing post

[From Tuvan Throat-Singing Rap by Ondar, with the voice of Richard Feynman]


As much as I love Batman way more than I like Superman, and as much as I enjoyed The Dark Night, this is very funny:

And finally, some sense in a sometimes non-sensical world: Have a good weekend.

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